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Monday, August 31, 2015

Latest member awardees for Donna's Glorious Giveaways


Hi, gang! I've been sick over the past few days - hence the tardiness of this post.

After pouring through volumes of e-mail notifications, verifying the entries and tallying the results (which took quite a while due to my illness), I finally have the results of DGG's inaugural Member Rewards.

Let me enlighten you about a few mishaps which unfortunately caused the disqualification of some Peer Promos and Member Rewards entries, thereby costing the affected persons a prize in some cases.

First of all, compiling a list of winners based on the stipulated criteria takes an enormous amount of time, especially given the size of the circles within which DGG operates. Consequently, DGG must make every effort to maximize the efficiency of its operations in this endeavor.

To this end, we can only accept giveaway entries which clearly indicate the corresponding expiry date, either somewhere in your post or on the associated page.

Another concern is that of referral credit. This can only be determined decisively if you ask your referrals to mention you when they interact with DGG. This can be done simply by adding "Friend of/Referred by [your name]" at the top or bottom of their posts. In this round, there were 2 such cases where no credit could be allocated.

Ok, let's get down to business now. As no referral prize could be awarded and most of the other prizes are not yet available, the Member Rewards for August were restricted to the Blog Participant category.

And the winners are: Trisha Kilpatrick, Kat B and Sharon Braswell! They copped 36, 13 and 13 credits respectively. Heartiest congratulations to them all, especially to Trisha who absolutely obliterated the competition!

According to the rules, these ladies have each won a $5 gift card from Amazon. Great going, girls!

Guess what? For late Sep/early Oct, DGG promises even more winners - why? Because that's when the Flash Bonus contests start!

At random intervals, you'll be given the opportunity to win (in addition to the prizes for the standard categories) coupons, gift cards (or BOTH), as well as a wild card entry into the next month's cash giveaway (usually reserved for NEW readers only) plus a free gift! I tell ya, it's really beginning to pay to be a DGG subscriber, don't cha think?

Before you go, please check out our Winners' Circle update - complete with this month's winners.

Bye for now and I hope this has motivated you to burst into the next list of winners!


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