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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Winners' Circle for Donna's Glorious Giveaways


Winners' Circle

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Hi there - welcome to the Winners' Circle! Below is a chronological list of winners associated with Donna's Glorious Giveaways, starting with the most recent.

Photos, where available, show either the prize won or what the winner was able to buy with it. Also, the very first winner in each prize category is highlighted as testament to his/her DGG VIP status.

Winners' Gallery

AwardDate WonWinnerPhoto
$20 Super Bowl Cash Giveaway Prize2/16/2018LukePending
$20 Cash Giveaway Prize4/29/2017Danielle Magee
Super Bowl Giveaway $10 Consolation Prize2/13/2017Rosanne Morrison
Super Bowl Giveaway $10 Consolation Prize2/13/2017Roxann Trexel
$10 Surprise Giveaway3/24/2016Anthony FagaPending
$5 (Inaugural) Member Rewards8/27/2015Trisha Kilpatrick
$5 (Inaugural) Member Rewards8/27/2015Kat B
$5 (Inaugural) Member Rewards8/27/2015Sharon Braswell
$25 (Inaugural) Cash Giveaway7/5/2015Janine HwangLook What I Bought With My Prize!

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