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Friday, March 3, 2017

Never want to miss another DGG cash giveaway again? Then you need to fill out this survey!

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Alrighty - the first leg leading up to DGG's $20 cash giveaway is finally here!

For those who came in late, the purpose of this post is to prevent a recurrence of the mishap which occurred during our last giveaway. At that time, a horrendous 99% of you missed out on the cash prize just because you never saw the contest notification!

To make sure that this never happens again and that each of you has a fair chance of winning going forward, you need to fill out the survey below.

As an added incentive, only those who complete this survey will be admitted into the $20 giveaway. So if nobody completes it, guess what? The cash will stay in the vault for another few months.


The ball's in your court, folks - hope to see your names among the list of giveaway entrants.


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