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Friday, March 24, 2017

Donna's Glorious Giveaways says, "Time to take our name seriously!"

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Hello friends,

I know it's a bit late but my New Year's Resolution is to go all out with giveaways. To this end, I've been busy devising all kinds of themes, contests and appeals as a backdrop for these promotions. This week I'll divulge one such strategy.

Remember last time when I lamented trying to shove you all onto my e-mail list? Well, I've come up with a way to encourage e-mail subscriptions while still showing appreciation for followers from alternate channels.

Starting with DGG's 2nd anniversary in June, I'll be hosting monthly $5 giveaways (by e-mail) and quarterly giveaways (of at least $10) for all DGG followers, irrespective of their communication channel.

Not bad, eh? Like I said, though, I'm cooking up some other ideas that will be revealed over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I appreciate you for sticking with me and I can't wait to start announcing some winners!

Bye for now,


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