DGG's Evolutionary Journey

Join DGG's Evolutionary Journey!
Join Us On Our Journey Through Maturity As We Develop And
Roll Out More Initiatives And Programs For The New Year

Donna's Glorious Giveaways Gets Revamped!


Hi gang,

This year will be one of constant change and gradual maturity for DGG, and it is my sincere hope that you will continue to be an integral part of that growth. Remember - without you, there's no us! Besides, DGG always finds a way to reward the loyalty of our treasured followers (and we're always trying to come up with even more).

I realize that the first couple of months of the year are pretty busy for most of us, so here's a linked summary of new developments that are in the works for DGG in 2016 (click on one of the links below to jump to the corresponding topic):

  1. Flash Bonuses and Flash Bonus Quizzes

  2. DGG goes video!

  3. Member Rewards policy revision and addition of Member Benefits page

  4. DGG apparel

  5. Bigger jackpots

  6. DGG Referral Program

  7. DGG Treasure Hunts

  8. DGG All-Stars initiative

  9. DGG Vets loyalty program

  10. New DGG schedule

  11. Virtual suggestions box

Flash Bonuses and Flash Bonus Quizzes

First of all, I want to finally launch the DGG Flash Bonuses initiative. I was forced to shelve it after my home intrusion last Sep and since then it kinda got overlooked as I sought to revive DGG as a whole. So look out for that sometime between late Feb and early Mar.

DGG Goes Video!

One of DGG's major thrusts for the new year will be an emphasis on video content. This should breathe new life into all of our communication channels, thereby encouraging you to partake of and to share it. On that note, I'd like to remind you about the launch of DGG's YouTube Channel. If you haven't seen it as yet, I urge you to visit the channel to check out the very special surprise we have for you there. Furthermore, if you give us some feedback on that page or share the surprise with others, we'll reward you for your time.

Member Rewards Policy Revision and Addition of Member Benefits Page

In the last week of Feb, DGG will be making some minor changes to its Member Rewards policy, as well as adding a Member Benefits page to its blog. This is an effort to honor the level of commitment which our Prize Press subscribers have shown us. Thenceforth, only Prize Press subscribers will enjoy the privilege of FULL access to DGG's range of services and benefits.

DGG Apparel

We at DGG are also formulating plans for an apparel line, which will be incorporated into our rewards packages and marked down occasionally for the benefit of all members. The apparel will feature special design themes for Prize Press subscribers, sweepstakes winners, Peer Promos beneficiaries, Member Rewards winners, guest-bloggers, etc.

Bigger Jackpots

2016 also promises bigger sweepstakes, with bigger jackpots - and remember - existing members like you can earn wild-card entry into those sweepstakes!

DGG Referral Program

DGG will also be launching a Referral Program. Here members will have the opportunity to earn commissions for referring valid, well-matched prospects to DGG. Details to follow.

DGG Treasure Hunts

One of the more exciting changes coming to DGG this year is Treasure Hunts. Every 4 months, DGG will sponsor a treasure hunt where contestants complete a set of online challenges in exchange for a significant cash prize. You could also win a smaller prize (i.e. 5 Member Reward points) if the winner was directly referred to DGG by you (i.e. single-level referral downline). Details to follow.

DGG All-Stars Initiative

At DGG, we believe in making you feel special. That's why we came up with DGG All-Stars, a special initiative to encourage members to go the extra mile to make DGG a fulfilling experience for us all. The club is sub-divided into 4 groups: bronze, silver, gold and platinum, each with its own apparel design. Members who meet the qualification criteria are offered the requisite apparel at a massive discount, and are encouraged to take a photo of themselves wearing it for inclusion in their own special Winners' Circle.

DGG Vets Loyalty Program

Another upcoming innovation is DGG Vets. This is an elite group of members who have remained loyal to DGG for at least 3 unbroken years. Gratuities will be awarded at regular intervals. Details to follow.

New DGG Schedule

In the interest of improving our level of service and basically doing things in a much more organized manner, we at DGG have devised a new schedule (starting from March) for our various offerings:
  • New Blog Posts every 1st and 3rd Fri of the month: Witty, engaging or useful articles based on family life, major events or just life in general.

  • Special Event Notifications every 2nd and 4th Fri of the month: News about contest launches, promos or winner announcements. These include Flash Bonuses, Peer Promos and Member Rewards results.

  • New Prize Press (newsletter) edition every 1st Mon of the month.

  • E-mail Freebies every 1st to 3rd Mon of the month, including Flash Bonuses, sales, discounts, coupons and giveaways.

All of these fabulous benefits, plus the usual Cash Sweepstakes and monthly Member Rewards.

Virtual Suggestions Box

Somewhere around the end of March, DGG will begin sending out a monthly Suggestions Box Survey. This is all part of our unending quest to keep you happy, engaged and satisfied with our service.

You don't have to wait until we send out the surveys, though. At any time, feel free to drop me a line (at blogettedonna@gmail.com) or to reply to any DGG correspondence with ideas which you may have to enhance the value of our service. You can rest assured that we will read it and take it into consideration.

It's always good to know that people are actually reading what we send out, and especially to know that they care enough about our work to help us do it better. After all, if you take the time to read what we write, it's only fair that we reciprocate.

So that's it, folks! Thanks for sticking around for the past 9 months, and remember to keep checking your e-mail and the blog for the latest DGG news and promos.


The Freebie Fairy says, "Fast-track your Member Rewards by subscribing to the Prize Press newsletter and following/promoting us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube!"

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