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Saturday, November 26, 2016

#HealAmerica: An initiative of healing and reconciliation

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Hey folks,

Sorry to be so late with this but would you believe that I ran into technical difficulties whilst tweaking the #HealAmerica items, just when pre-Black Friday shopping had begun? Needless to say, no support was available and I had to plow through and figure it out on my own... plus I still had to co-host our Thanksgiving reunion and prepare to go shopping (for those of you who have never heard of #HealAmerica, read this).

An initial suite of products has been prepared to enable you to support the #HealAmerica campaign. The black-and-white versions are all available at cost.

In fact, the cost is so low that, the first 5 black-and-white product buyers who send a photo/screen capture of their order page to blogettedonna@gmail.com, will be awarded an instant, 100% rebate - how's that for a giveaway, huh?

Alternatively, you can be one of the 5 lucky winners by e-mailing your name, shipping address and the url/pic of your chosen item to me and I will make the purchase on your behalf.

So, what are you waiting for? Start clicking on the images adjacent to this blog NOW!

I really do hope that you check out the items and make at least one purchase. Not only that, it would also be appreciated if you would drop a comment, share or "like" - either on the product pages or back here on this blog. Do it even if you don't like the items; in fact, especially if you don't.

I'm currently working on more slogans and merchandise items, so please keep checking this blog for new product links.

Hoping your Black Friday was as fruitful as mine!


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American 1st, 3rd-Party 2nd American 1st, Independent 2nd
Fellow Patriot, Please Select Your Coffee Mug At Cost So You Can Help Me To #HealAmerica!

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